Welcome to the New York Metro

Society of Emotional Intelligence


Learn. Practice. Inspire. 

Our Mission is to learn the principles of Emotional Intelligence (EI)

practice these principles in our personal, professional and civic relationships

and help equip and inspire others in their EI journey.

We do this by: 

- Building a network of EI advocates in the NY Metro area

- Fostering the use of EI through modeling, mentoring, coaching and training

- Expanding the knowledge of our members by being inclusive and open to all EI models and approaches 

- Presenting conferences and other learning modalities for participation 

- Practicing EI in diverse industries 


​The Society of Emotional Intelligence encourages sharing and mutual learning with its members and endorses the principles of diversity and inclusion. If you or your organization are not members, consider joining us!

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The Society of Emotional Intelligence (SoEI) is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) professional association. The National Society was established in 2009 and the New York Metro Chapter was launched in late 2016. SoEI is dedicated to bringing emotional intelligence into practice in all walks of life including work, schools, families, organizations, and communities.


Our goal is to grow the effectiveness and impact of all affiliates through sharing of ideas, experiences, knowledge and interactive programs featuring best-class thought leaders. We explore the relevance of EI to current topics such as organizational development, executive coaching, change management, generational work enhancements, neuroscience, mindfulness, well-being. We also predict how the understanding and application of EI will create change and impact future trends. 



Our members come from a broad range of backgrounds because EI can be applied to all fields. We welcome you to join us today! 



Our events are a reflection of our passion for sharing knowledge on how to embrace EI and overcome relevant challenges in the workplace and society today. 



Emotional intelligence is the major pathway to performance success and personal well-being. We provide a variety of resources to enhance your EI expertise, regardless of your prior knowledge. 


Have an idea? Interested in hosting an event? Want to be a speaker?


Please reach out to us to find out more information about opportunities available with the New York Metro Society of Emotional Intelligence.


Thank you for contacting the New York Metro SoEI. We thank you for your interest and will respond to all inquiries within 48 hours.