Robot Coaching: Embracing the Future with Emotional Intelligence

March 25, 2019

Vreni Homes, Director of Transformational Change at PwC, discussed advances in coaching using robots and artificial intelligence. The presentation answered questions such as, what is a robot/ humanoid coach? How can it help you? Can emotional intelligence help your robot coach develop empathy and compassion?

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

August 23, 2018

Pictured here are Dr. Lynne Davidson and Carla Moore.  Lynne, our Chair of the NY Metro Chapter of Emotional Intelligence, recently moderated “Leading with Emotional Intelligence” at the Annual Tri-State Diversity and Leadership Conference. Carla Moore, “woman extraordinaire” author of the self-revealing book, Crash, was the key note speaker. Her mantra: Passion plus Purpose equals Power.

The Men's Panel: Men Championing Women’s Leadership

April 18, 2018

Men will need to step up and become male champions for us to achieve gender equality in leadership. Our distinguished men's panel discussed how different models of Emotional Intelligence can empower men to be advocates for women's leadership in the workplace. 

Hijacked Emotions

March 08, 2018

During our "Hijacked Emotions" presentation we discussed how Emotional Intelligence can reverse the trend of stress in colleges today using the EQ-i 2.0 competency wheel. Speakers included Dr. Lynne Davidson, Michael Bear, John Purdy and Jeremy Robinson. 

SoEI Spring Kick Off

April 14, 2016

At our SoEI Spring Kick Off event, attendees learned how EQ can trump IQ when it comes to professional success and dove into stimulating exercises and role simulations of each of the EQ competencies. 

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