The Men's Panel: Men Championing Women’s Leadership

April 18, 2018

Our Men's Panel event addressed a pressing question in the workplace today: How can men help advocate for women's leadership?  Our Men's Panel addressed different EQ models, and explained how men can use these EQ models to leverage their power influence in order to support women's leadership in the workplace.  Presenters included: 


Lynne Davidson Ph.D., Chair of New York Metro Society of Emotional Intellience, Executive Coach of Women's Leadership, Certified in multiple EI assessment tools. 


Michael Bear MS, MBA, Treasurer, New York Metro Society of Emotional Intelligence, Adjunct Associate Professor at New York University, Senior Executive in Management Consulting 

Speakers and Panelists: 

John Pelletteri, Ph.D., President of the International Society of Emotional Intelligence, Associate Professor at CUNY Queens College, Licensed Psychologist certified in MSCEIT assessment.

Jeremy Robinson MSW, MFA, Master Certified Coach via International Coach Federation, President of Robinson Capital Corporation, Co-founder of iCoach New York, Founder and Dean of Executive Coach Academy, Certified in multiple EI assessment tools. 

David Purdy, Clinical Assistant Professor of Management Communication at NYU Stern School of Business, Researcher in Aesthetic Intelligence and Neuroscience.